While your entire home should reflect your personality and decor preferences, this is never more true than in your bedroom.

This quiet sanctuary is your place to feel completely at home, relaxed, and happy. From the design of your duvet to the pictures on the wall and the carpet under your feet, every feature should build a world that is completely your own.

As purveyors of flooring solutions, we’re here to help you make the right carpet styling choice for your bedroom.

Here are our top tips for choosing a carpet for your bedroom.

Opt for comfort

You’ll be barefoot in your bedroom more than any other room in the house, so comfort is key. Cut carpet pile is typically the most ‘lush’ type, so look for the characteristic cut ends of the carpet, which gives flooring an extra soft, pillowy feel under your feet.


Don’t forget texture

Carpet tends to be one even colour, but that doesn’t mean it can add interest and style to a room. Carpet comes in many textures, including loop, cut-loop, and pile. Cut pile even has its own sub-categories, such as shag, cable, and velvet. Each one offers a slightly different look, meaning that it can add its own stamp on the overall look of a bedroom, which can subtly enhance the style and atmosphere of a bedroom.

Consider your existing design elements

A carpet should complement, not compete with, existing elements throughout the room. Think about the colours found in your wall paint, curtains, and major pieces of furniture. If these are bright or highly patterned, a simple light-coloured carpet may be best to offset the look and allow each element to shine. If your walls, curtains, and other elements are subdued, this can be a great time to have fun with your carpet colour and try something bolder.

Extend the room

One interior design secret weapon is to extend the room using carpet. If your walls are cream, consider installing cream-coloured carpet. If your walls are grey, consider grey carpet of the same shade. While this colour-matching tip might sound odd, it is a clever design choice that tricks the eye into thinking the room is more spacious than it really is.

This is particularly useful for smaller bedrooms, as it can make you feel less ‘closed in’ and more like you have room to breathe. Not to mention, it makes other design decisions easy, as you have one less colour in the room to incorporate into your decor.


Dare to be bold

Carpets are not usually the place where home decorators dare to be bold. Many will opt for a bright hue on the wall, or perhaps a funky colour or design for the soft furnishings – but rarely to you see a bold colour choice in a carpet. But if it makes you happy – why not? A splash of refreshing sea-green carpet can breathe new, chic life into a bedroom, while a rich ruby red carpet can create a romantic vibe to your abode.

A bold carpet can make a real statement and reflect your personality and taste as much as any paint colour or furniture choice.


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