Garage Carpet Installation in Wellington

At Calbeni Flooring, we provide all our Wellington, Hutt Valley, and Kapiti Coast customers with only the best, toughest, and robust garage carpet in New Zealand.

 Weatherproof and installed with a five-year warranty, our garage carpet is made to last.

Tough & Robust




5 Year Warranty


Suitable Areas for Garage Carpet

If you’re looking to improve, enhance, and protect your home with our high-quality garage carpet, the team at Calbeni Flooring will provide a free quote and assistance every step of the way. 

Our team can install garage carpet in any area that requires a durable, robust solution, including:

Your garage – of course!

 Tool sheds – an often-overlooked area that always benefits from additional safety.

 Man-cave – make your ultimate space warmer, quieter, and safer with fire-retardant garage carpet – no more wet shoe stains or persistent dust and dirt throughout your home!

 Workshops – our tough and weather-resistant garage carpet will make sure everyone in your workshop can move around safely, and helps keep your space free from weather-related damage.

 Commercial offices – create a warmer, healthier office environment with a carpet solution that won’t suffer from wet shoes in winter.

 High-traffic areas – our garage carpet is perfect for areas that see high levels of foot traffic. Avoid easily damaged or worn away carpet, and eliminate regular repairs!

Garage Carpet Benefits

Our customers love the positive effect garage carpet has in their home, whether it’s improving a space by making it warmer and quieter, or preventing slips in areas susceptible to rain and wet weather. 

Whether you’re considering garage carpet for your home or office, our team provide a free quote and quality carpet laying service every time.

Tough, robust, and weatherproof, garage carpet is a simple solution to reducing dirt and dust throughout your home, and ensuring a warm, quiet environment wherever you need it installed.

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