Why And When To Choose Garage Carpet

Find out how this versatile floor covering fits in different spaces Thick, fluffy carpet is a luxurious way to cover the floors of a living room, bedroom, or other indoor space where warmth and cushioning are a priority—and where people do not often wear outdoor...

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How to Live With Bare Floors

Soften up your bare floors with these tips The trend of covering everything with carpet is coming to an end. While carpeting is soft and warm underfoot, it’s harder to clean and less spill-resistant than hard flooring options—still great for bedrooms, but...

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Getting Those Red Wine Stains Out of Your Carpet

Spilling something dark-coloured on your carpet isn’t the end of the world. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least the time during which carpet has existed. Someone places a glass of red wine dangerously close to the edge of a table, someone else is a little free in...

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Find the flooring that suits your furry friends

There’s not much that wears on a floor more than the pitter-patter of paws! A pet can make a house a home, but they can also tear up carpets and mark hard floors. If you want animals in your life and in your home, it’s important to choose your flooring carefully! Even...

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Which is the best carpet for allergy sufferers?

Carpet allergies are a common concern for many New Zealanders. Allergens in the home can include dust mites, pollen, mould, or pet dander - excess skin shed by cats, dogs, birds or any animal with fur or feathers - but may also be present in your choice of carpet....

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Carpet Materials: Wool or Synthetic?

Carpet Materials: Wool or Synthetic? If you’re looking at installing new carpet at your home or office, at some point you’ll be faced with the decision of wool carpet or synthetic carpet. Both options have their own benefits, but much of the choice will guided by your...

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