When you decide to invest in new carpeting at home, you’ll need to decide whether to opt for wool or synthetic carpets. There are a variety of benefits for each type, and the one that is best suited to your home will depend on your preferences, home, lifestyle, and even location.

We’re always happy to offer our expert advice, but the decision will ultimately be yours. Here are the key benefits of installing woollen carpets in your home.

The feel

There’s nothing like taking off your shoes and socks and feeling that luxurious thick softness between your feet. Wool carpets offer that extra level of comfort and sense of luxury, making it a popular option for those who simply want to pad around on soft flooring for years to come.


New Zealand has no shortage of sheep, and with wool being a renewable fibre, woollen carpets are a highly sustainable option. With many Kiwis opting for sustainable living options such as solar panels, LED lights, and insulated homes, wool carpets are another way you can make an eco-friendly decision for your home.


In the unlikely event of a fire, wool can offer a safer option. It is naturally fire-resistant, as it is difficult to ignite and burns slowly. While this hopefully won’t ever be something you need to worry about, it is another point to consider when making your decision.


Walking barefoot on a woollen carpet in the depths of a New Zealand winter is significantly more comfortable than walking on vinyl or wood. However, wool offers more than just warmth for cold feet. It adds a layer of thermal insulation to your flooring, similar to the way Pink Batts add insulation to your roof. This means it can help to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer without spending more on your electricity bills.


Wool is non-allergenic, and the fibres naturally absorb and filter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unwanted odours. Wool can therefore be a necessary option for those with allergy sufferers in the family.

Easy to clean

Up close, wool is surprisingly intricate. Its surface is covered with a waxy coating, which is a bit like oils on a duck’s back – water droplets and other liquids therefore bead and roll off rather than absorb into the material.

This makes woollen carpets naturally stain resistant, and relatively easy to clean. While it is still possible to stain wool, it can be a great choice for homes that are likely to see a few messes over the years.

Noise insulation

Wool carpets undoubtedly offer their own thermal insulation, but another attractive feature is their ability to add noise insulation to any home. This dense layer of thick wool will absorb sounds and hinder noise from moving easily between floors. This is especially helpful for multi-level homes, but the benefits can be enjoyed in any house.

A natural dehumidifier

One of the most unexpected perks of introducing wool carpets to a home is their natural ability to dehumidify. Wool can absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp, meaning it can subtly improve your home’s humidity. It can also release this moisture when the air dries out, helping to further balance home humidity.

For Kiwis living in more northern areas of New Zealand, these small differences can be a big help in creating a comfortable living space.

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