Find out how this versatile floor covering fits in different spaces

Thick, fluffy carpet is a luxurious way to cover the floors of a living room, bedroom, or other indoor space where warmth and cushioning are a priority—and where people do not often wear outdoor shoes! Sometimes, however, a space is a little more utilitarian. For this, a different type of floor covering is needed.

Garage carpeting—a staple of not only garages but gyms, community centres, church basements, and other such facilities—is a great option in many cases. While it doesn’t provide quite the padding that carpet is typically known for, this hardwearing cover offers plenty of benefits. Here we have highlighted the main reasons you might opt for garage carpeting.


A compromise of comfort and toughness

Some parts of the house are mixed-use. For example, a garage that contains a home gym. While it requires flooring that will stand up to dirt, possibly dogs, vehicles, and a lot of other wear, you may not want a totally cold, hard concrete floor. In this case, garage carpeting is ideal—it can serve both purposes.

The same applies to other parts of a home or commercial premises that require similar compromises. A rumpus room that needs to accommodate kids’ parties, a basement where you’d like to watch TV but also have a workshop in the corner, an office or reception area which will have a lot of tradespeople traipsing in and out. Garage carpet is multipurpose and a fantastic compromise between durability and comfort for spaces that house different activities.

A cost-effective option

Garage carpeting is not a luxurious choice by any means—and it’s also not an expensive one. If you’re considering the possibilities for a new floor covering for a garage, basement, workshop, office or other such space and must take a budget into account, then it’s a strong contender.

Thermal insulation

One might wonder why you would put carpet in a garage when you could stick to straight concrete. And that’s a fair question, if your garage will be used solely for cars. However, if you plan to spend any amount of time there at all—doing laundry, knocking about with some tools, or perhaps doing a workout or two—then garage carpeting can ensure that you’ll be a lot warmer.

The carpet provides a bit of insulation and is also much more pleasant on the feet than a stark concrete floor. Often, carpeting in an attached garage will increase warmth in the rest of the house, too.

Ease of cleaning

Putting down some garage carpeting can make cleaning a lot simpler. All you need is a vacuum cleaner! It traps the dirt and dust that can travel around on a garage floor and be tracked into the house, so you can run over the floor with the vacuum and get rid of it all in one fell swoop.

The carpet itself is made from closed-cell synthetic fibres and is essentially waterproof. It doesn’t soak up liquid and rot or become smelly—any spills can be mopped up, and water will evaporate away when given the chance.

Garage carpeting installed by Calbeni

If you’re convinced that garage carpeting is right for your garage, workshop, office, rumpus, or other space, you’re in luck—as floor coverings go, it’s affordable and simple to install. Calbeni are experts in carpet installation in the Wellington region, and that includes garage carpeting. Get in touch with the team for a free quote, and you could soon be enjoying warm, durable, affordable and easily cleaned flooring at your place.